Pre-Recorded & Self-Paced Course

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In this course, you will learn the essential principles and practices of the world’s most ancient science of health and self-healing. Ayurveda gives us clarity on how to work with our unique psychophysical nature in order to manifest our highest potential of holistic health. We explore how to optimize our diet and routine, identify and reverse imbalances, and so much more, all to help feel better than you ever thought possible! This pre-recorded course gives you the flexibility to move and learn at your own pace, yet still retains the feel and quality of learning from Madhu live on zoom.

The course is composed of 5 hours of content separated into 7 modules, systematically taking you through the general foundational roots of Ayurvedic philosophy all the way up through customization of advanced techniques and practices of these sciences.


Lifetime access to the course recordings

AND bonus exercises and resource sheets to reinforce learning

Have you struggled with your health?

Do you feel like you don’t have complete clarity on the best diets, routine, and lifestyle to support your physical and mental health? Have you heard conflicting information about what Ayurveda is from different sources? Have you ever struggled with how to practically integrate an easy and sustainable Ayurvedic practice into your life? If you resonate, this intensive training will alleviate confusion, bring you insight, and give you the tools to sustainably transform your health & healing.

Essential Truths of

There is no one-size-fits-all prescription for a healthy diet and lifestyle…

Dis-ease comes from living contrary to the laws of nature and the body’s innate intelligence…

Radiant health comes from aligning your bio-rhythms with nature’s in order to prevent (or reverse) imbalances…

Ayurveda gives a comprehensive framework of principles as well as the clarity on how to adapt them to your unique psychophysical nature and life situation!

Upon Completion of This Course, YOU WILL…

  • Understand the definition and perspectives of health according to Ayurveda

  • Gain clarity on how (and why) to become an active participant in your own healing

  • See the intrinsic connection between nature’s elements and bodily and mental functions and faculties (the 3 Doshas)

  • Identify your birth constitution (Prakriti) and current imbalances (Vikriti)

  • Understand how to use nature’s biorhythms, food, and water to support health and expedite healing

  • Understand the qualities of different foods and their impact on the body

  • Customize a sustainable and nourishing diet

  • Learn how to plan and make simple, but fully balanced meals

  • See the subtle connection between mental and physical traumas and how ayurveda can help us process and grow through them

  • Learn how to plan and make simple, but fully balanced and nourishing meals

  • And much more!

Here is what students are experiencing...

"In the Ayurveda Intensive I got some basic tools to make small changes towards my health that I could manage, and psychologically and physically I already feel much better."

Arielle Castillo, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

"The Ayurveda Intensive was awesome--this answered so many questions! I think it was a great starting point on my journey. I loved Madhu's lectures and I gained a tremendous amount of clarity. I would & will recommend this to my friends!"

Grace Young, Apparel & Accessory Technical Designer

"Learning about Ayurveda has been life changing. I’ve never felt more confident with a practice. For anyone who wants to feel their best selves I highly recommend it. Huge thank you to Madhu!"


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