Are you interested in developing a specific and detailed outline with the exact steps and practices to upgrade your life in the ways you want?

Our VIP Day program offers a 2 hour virtual intensive consultation with Madhu to assist you in creating a concrete plan to lay down the infrastructure to support dynamic and extensive transformations.

All of our programs and coaching utilizes tools and techniques extracted from the ancient Vedas- the most comprehensive body of knowledge on creating a life of vibrancy, purpose, and self-empowerment.

Our VIP Day program offers a 2 hour virtual intensive consultation where Madhu will work with you to come up with a specific, sustainable game plan to get you set up for the transformations you are looking to experience in your spiritual life, health, business, and relationships.


The most essential aspects of a balanced lifestyle through the concrete steps to integrate various material and spiritual technologies.

  • A customized ayurvedic diet and lifestyle routine
  • A personal daily sadhana (spiritual practice) regimen that aligns with your lifestyle and goals
  • A business plan and strategy to help more people and make more money with integrity doing what you love
  • Practical exercises and principles to create and nurture meaningful relationships and conscious communication that enhance your ability to give and receive appreciation and love


“The VIP Day was intense, rewarding, and I left with a clear understanding of what my obstacles are, how to overcome them, and the game plan going forward to achieve my goals.”

— Nate Davies, Stress & Health Coach

“This was a 1-on-1 Immersion unlike any other. I found such an immense amount of clarity as to what’s next for my spiritual commitment, my business, and my self-care. My experience was tailored to exactly what I needed, without me fully knowing what I needed. Madhu has this gift of vision and I’m so grateful for his teaching, guidance, and support.”

— Kelly Skinner, Bhakti Yoga Teacher, Meditation & Energy Practitioner, End of Life Doula

“I left the VIP immersion feeling completely supported and charged up to live my purpose. Madhu’s information and insight had me believing in myself so strongly, armed with practical tools, that I immediately started crushing major goals within weeks.”

— Arielle Castillo, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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