There is More Purpose, Better Patterns,

and Bigger Profits Available to You.

The distance between you and your dream is less than you think…
It’s just a matter of accessing the map to follow the highest path to your growth.

Strategies for Sustainable Self-Improvement

— a two day virtual intensive —

Our clients are consistently attaining massive breakthroughs in their personal, spiritual, and professional development through integrating these time proven principles.

This virtual retreat is designed to empower spiritualists to

expedite their personal & professional growth.

Not knowing HOW shouldn’t stop you from building the life of your dreams! We are here to make sure you have the support and clarity you need to powerfully integrate ancient tools to overcome your blocks & be consistent.

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As a spiritualist, coach, leader, entrepreneur, and/or healer…

It is your DUTY to identify and overcome your blocks so you can maximize your joy & service impact.

Do You Struggle With Self-Doubt?

Do You Find It Difficult To Remain Consistent?

Are You Uncertain What The Next Steps Are To Move Forward In Your Personal/Business Growth?

Maybe you experience:

  • it’s super difficult to give up lower habits and mindsets and embrace the truly transcendent life you long for

  • it’s discouraging how strongly your mind fights you and pulls you in directions you don’t want to go

  • you can’t seem to figure out exactly what to do to overcome your blocks

  • when you build momentum and enthusiasm, it never seems to last

  • you can’t see how it’s possible to attain bigger results without burning yourself out

  • you feel misaligned because YOU KNOW you have more to offer but can’t seem to get un-stuck

Do you RESONATE with any of these points?

Then I bet you’re ready to finally make a sustainable change!

There is ultimately ONE REASON why what you’re doing right now isn’t getting you the results you want.

It all goes back to Self-Sabotage. Here are a few ways that manifests:

  • you have unidentified core fears & wounds that condition your mind to self-doubting tendencies

  • you aren’t connected deeply enough to your purpose (Dharma) and therefore lack the discipline to build consistency and sustainability in the habits to your highest growth

  • you haven’t yet accessed the right strategies to nurture the unfolding of your vision for your ideal life & business

Imagine if you could:

  • wake up everyday on fire with purpose and feeling a deeply personal connection to Divinity

  • experience a depth of focus that is unshaken even in the midst of life’s inevitable waves of unexpected distractions

  • possess the competence to effectively re-center yourself and keep growing even when you feel triggered, insecure, or overwhelmed

  • master your inner dialogue around your purpose & potential; fully owning your gifts (experiencing deeply rooted confidence without any tinge of arrogance)

  • consistently produce a quality of work and impact that generates the profits of your dreams

  • sell your services with integrity and ease (& feel completely okay to say no to those who don’t fit your ideal clientele)

  • have a soul map — a clear picture of what tends to hold you back and a repertoire of tools to STOP STOPPING yourself from moving forward

  • experience an overarching sense of EASE even when growth is uncomfortable

"When I first connected with Madhu, I was frustrated, bored, and resentful of my position in life having, what probably looked to many on the outside, a "successful" dream life. In reality, I was underpaid for my efforts, feeling out of alignment with my values, constantly stressed, and resentful of everyone around me who WASN'T stressed.

I'm not exaggerating when I say our work together has changed the trajectory of not only my life, but those of the people I am now empowered to help. I have developed strong spiritual practices that help keep me grounded and help me stretch myself in uncomfortable ways. I'm no longer scared of the idea of living life according to MY values, because I know God has my back.

And since people love specifics and numbers, and I would hardly believe this myself if I hadn't experienced it... Madhu helped me structure my first high-ticket coaching course as a yoga and meditation teacher, and his techniques for conscious selling with integrity helped me sell out my first two programs entirely...

As of writing this, I contracted more than $62,000 in my first quarter of business, almost my entire yearly corporate salary."


Arielle Castillo

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Strategies for Sustainable Self-Improvement

This two day Virtual Intensive is for spiritualists, coaches, leaders & entrepreneurs…

who want to crush complacency & create better results in all aspects of life.

NOTE: you will have access to the recordings to watch as many times as you want!


$199 (special early bird limited time offer)

"As a teacher, Madhu has the ability to hold me accountable, make learning and messing up FUN, and to remind me of the beauty and greatness that exists within me (in the moments of doubt when I forget my true nature).

By his guidance, I was able to go from making 53K per year working a corporate job I didn't really like, to 108K+ per year doing work that doesn't even feel like work because I love it so much!"


Kelly Skinner

Bhakti Yoga Teacher, Meditation & Energy Practitioner, End of Life Doula

During This Weekend Virtual Intensive, I Will Walk You Through The Most POWERFUL Ancient Principles Of The Psychology Of Growth I Learned From Spending Years Living As A Monk!

“Except for the uncontrolled and misguided mind, there is no enemy within this world.”

— Bhagavata Purana

The ancient Vedas contain potent knowledge of how to navigate & nurture will power, determination, mindset optimization, and self-control. I am passionate about sharing all of the incredible insights I have gained into how to make friends with the mind to live our highest possible quality of life.

Can I be vulnerable with you...?

Despite all of the knowledge and skills I learned as a monk, there was still a missing link in my life… and I suffered from several mistakes I made from it.

When I graduated from the monastery I had NO CLUE how to implement the spiritual principles I had learned and experienced into a “material” profession. I spent a few years overworking and burning myself out to earn a wage that was below the poverty line!

Thankfully, the empowered teachers and coaches in my life gave me the clarity I needed to identify my blocks — those missing links — that prevented me from understanding how to harmonize my spiritual values with a business that could generate sustainable profits.

Based on my unique experiences of living in both of these worlds, I have an especially holistic perspective and toolset to offer you so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did…

Together we will dive deep into exploring:

  • How to live with the focus & ease of a monk while simultaneously integrating the strategies & generating the sustainable wealth of a high-level entrepreneur

  • How to identify & uproot limiting beliefs and self-fulfilling prophecies (SMASH SELF-SABOTAGE)

  • How to make friends with mind! Harness the creative potency of thought to build new patterns that manifest externally as new (& better) results!

  • How to live your Dharma more abundantly than you ever thought possible

You’ll be blown away by how much we can cover in one weekend! And you’ll feel on fire with inspiration from all the clarity you’ll leave with for your next steps and growth!

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Weekend Virtual Intensive:

Strategies for Sustainable Self-Improvement

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The Impact of Learning & Training with Us:


"Madhu helps you find clarity on your needs and ambitions and holds that true potential of who you are. He guides you by providing easy sustainable ways to achieve your goals as you practice embodying that version of yourself.

Working with such a qualified individual who exudes loving service is well worth the return of my investment. Associating with the best, is the best decision and commitment I could’ve ever made for myself! Can’t thank him enough."

— Ryan Lee, Actor


"Working with Madhu was the best life choice I ever made. I learned how to take care of myself, and really live the life I want, not just the one I can. I learned the tools necessary to upgrade my system and make better choices. It was about checking in on the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

I am forever grateful. Madhu is a great teacher, a wonderful listener, and a very attentive person. He is the best cheerleader anyone can have on their side."

— Julie Blondina


"Madhu is a generous spirit. It is his personal mission to tease the greatness out of all his clients. He cares and I'm so grateful for the experience."

— Megan Fox, Project Management Training Program Manager


It’s time to get clearer than you ever have before on your strengths, your vision, your dharma and to set and smash goals! (personally, spiritually, relationally, and financially)


You are an eternal, blissful, and completely unique spirit soul with powerful gifts to offer to improve the lives of those around you and uplift your Self in doing so. Let’s welcome more of that into the picture!


It’s time to finally learn the strategies to understand and navigate your core fears and wounds so they no longer sabotage you by creating self-imposed barriers and limitations. Let’s get you out of your own way! Let’s get you to STOP STOPPING! Let’s get you to build unshakable consistency in the habits that elevate you to your highest potential.

Here is some of what you can expect during our Virtual Intensive:

1. Identifying & Clarifying Your Dharma

  • Getting crystal clear on your gifts and how you can best engage them to serve

  • Getting in touch with your desires (& learning how to purify and connect them to your Dharma)

  • Let’s remove the shame connected to what you want so you can be fully authentic (& also fully integral)

2. Build Sustainable Strategies & Structures to Support Your Ideal Life & Vision

  • How to work with your natural strengths and work around (& ultimately overcome) your weaknesses

  • Craft a customized routine that systematizes the attainment of your goals (so all you have to do is stay plugged into the system and not stop!)

3. Uproot Self-Doubt & Limiting Mindsets

  • The biggest limitation to growing and increasing your potential is a limiting mindset

  • The biggest asset to living bigger and better is developing an expansive mindset

4. Capture Serious Consistency & Creativity

  • Practical tools to claim unshakable consistency (to keep going) and creativity (to turn obstacles into opportunities)

  • How to recenter and keep moving forward when things veer off course due to the stressors of life

5. Sell with Confidence, Competence & Integrity

  • Continually choose service over pleasure

  • How to market your services and ask the right questions to see if someone is a good fit for you (without any sliminess or pushiness)

6. Personalized Coaching through Question & Answer Sessions

  • Questions are the answer!

  • Gain further clarity and direction by receiving Madhu’s insight and suggestions on your unique situation

Strategies for Sustainable Self-Improvement


  • Live access to our weekend virtual intensive

  • Lifetime access to recordings

  • Time and space for Q&A to receive personalized coaching and direction

  • A catalog of reflections, prompts, and exercises to reinforce learning and support integration of these concepts

  • BONUS access to our self-paced Wealth for Spiritualists business & entrepreneurship course ($108 value)


Meet Madhu

Conscious Business & Lifestyle Coach

Madhuri Pura Dasa is a former monk turned 6+ figure conscious business and lifestyle coach. Clarifying what it means to be spiritual in the material world, he teaches conscious influencers how to live in deeper alignment with their Dharma, while simultaneously earning massive incomes with integrity and grace.

He is celebrated for his ability to support clients in making these business and lifestyle transformations fun, easy, and sustainable; and empowering them to offer the same for others.

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