Are you eager for more guidance and support in your journey towards better health, deeper spiritual practices, and starting or growing a successful business that aligns with your values?

Our membership platform offers a space to learn powerful Vedic arts and sciences, with a community to discuss them with, and accountability to integrate transformative wisdom into your life.

If you are a spiritual practitioner who wants simple and effective tools to build/scale your business and improving your health holistically and sustainably, this is for you!


  • 1 monthly coaching session based around specific topics related to holistic health and conscious business

  • 1 monthly Q&A — ask Madhu anything about bhakti, ayurveda, business, relationships, etc.

  • Receive personalized support and guidance for your unique challenges and opportunities

  • Access to exercises and prompts to stimulate and facilitate transformations

  • Exclusive discounts, specials, and first priority for Madhu Life programs and trainings


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(You will have access to all of the recordings to watch as many times as you'd like!)

This VIP Membership Platform is designed for spiritualists and entrepreneurs who want more purpose, better practices, and bigger profits.

Every month you'll gain powerful tools, deep insights, and fresh inspiration to transcend self-made limitations and move forward on your highest path to growth.

Whether you are looking to revitalize your spiritual connection, optimize your physical health & mental energy, and/or build & scale a conscious business, we have you covered!

Access greater clarity on how to grow and harmonize all aspects of your life than you ever thought possible.

As a Member of Madhu Life, you will have:

  • An upgraded spiritual understanding and practice

  • Support to sustainably live a bhakti lifestyle in the modern world

  • A community of like-minded seekers

  • A deeper understanding of Ayurveda and how to apply the principles in your life for better physical health and mental clarity

  • A foundation in the strategies of spiritual entrepreneurship and building a business/career that aligns with your Dharma

  • Techniques to live more consciously and with deeper purpose in all aspects of your life

  • Monthly support, guidance, and exercises to expedite growth & transformations

  • Personalized coaching through Q&A sessions

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