Mumbai - GEV - Rishikesh

January 25th - February 3rd, 2025

Vrindavan Extension

February 3rd - February 7th, 2025

Join us for our spiritual pilgrimage to the motherland of yoga — AMAZING INDIA!

With its rich tapestry of spirituality and tradition, India offers an experience that is both soul-stirring and transformative, and this trip will capture that essence perfectly.

Every day will be a new revelation, from waking in FIRST-CLASS HOTELS that provide a haven of tranquility to indulging in exquisitely prepared Ayurvedic meals that were are nourishing as they are delicious.

We seamlessly blend luxury and spirituality, something you've never encountered before. Every detail of this pilgrimage is crafted to not only respect but enhance your spiritual journey.


First, we will all meet virtually beforehand to develop an initial sense of community and comfort with each other. (We will meet on Zoom a few times before and after the pilgrimage. No more awkward introductions!) Then, we will fly out (most of us on the same flight so you don’t have to travel alone) and arrive in Mumbai.

In Mumbai, we will experience the world renowned Flower Festival at the gorgeous Chowpatty Temple, which will be hosted by the founder HH Radhanath Swami. From Mumbai, we will travel to the award-winning Govardhan Eco Village - Ayurvedic treatments, Cow therapy, and life-changing kirtans, to say the least.

After an immersion in bhakti wisdom and kirtan in sacred company, we will head to Rishikesh, the world center of yoga, for an adventure where we will bathe in the sacred river Ganges, hike to the top of the Himalayas, experience ancient ceremonies, and venture into caves that date back thousands of years! For some, the pilgrimage ends here.

For others, however, we will end our trip with a Vrindavan tour. This part of the trip is optional - but highly encouraged. Vrindavan, the most special of all sacred sites in India, is where we will get a full taste of real, ancient yoga tradition. A small town fully immersed in the ecstasy of spiritual practice while visiting untouched flower gardens, and ancient villages.


Have you dreamed of immersing yourself in India’s ancient yoga culture, but felt a little overwhelmed or intimidated? This trip is for you…

This is for spiritualists and yogis who want to experience a transformation in sacred while staying in super comfortable accommodations and eat first class ayurvedic meals every day.

We are so excited to facilitate a life changing genuine spiritual immersion while at the same time offering safe, comfortable, and luxurious accommodations and amenities so that you can feel at ease and fully available to receive.

We assure this experience will allow you to level up your spiritual life, connect deeply with a community of seekers, and grow closer to Divinity.


  • International Airport pick up and drop off

  • Accommodation with first class vegetarian Ayurvedic meals at luxury hotels/lodges (in Mumbai, the Govardhan Eco Village, Rishikesh, and Vrindavan)

  • English-speaking guide services throughout the trip

  • All internal transport including drivers and internal flight to Rishikesh

  • Luxury bus from Rishikesh to Vrindavan (with a bathroom on it lol!)

  • Yoga & Meditation classes on most mornings

  • Local cars/ jeeps/ tuk-tuk etc. for local sightseeing in Rishikesh

  • White Water rafting in Rishikesh

  • Entrance tickets at Beatles Ashram & Neergadu waterfall

  • Sacred bathing in the surcharged Ganges River

  • Witness breathtaking views and invigorating hikes through the Himalayas

  • Dive into the histories and incredible stories of the Vedic culture (made applicable to today’s times)

  • Build life-long friendships


  • International flights

  • Visa (approximately $100 for 6 month E-visa or $160 for 10-year multiple entry visa)

  • Gratuity for tour guides and drivers

  • Personal spending money

  • Optional Ayurvedic treatments


Madhuri Pura Dasa

Born and raised in a family of bhakti yogis, Madhu adopted a serious interest and desire to immerse in ancient spiritual culture at an early age. He decided to become a monk on his eighteenth birthday and dedicate his life to sharing this knowledge with others. For five years he lived in various monasteries, studying Vedic arts, sciences, and philosophy under world renowned teachers. He spent half of that time in India, traveling and immersing himself in the various holy sites.

After graduating from his monastic training and education, Madhu has built his own multi 6-figure business and serves as a conscious business and lifestyle coach. He has mentored hundreds of clients and students over the past decade, teaching bhakti, kirtan, Ayurveda, and spiritual entrepreneurship. He is passionate about making India’s spiritual culture and potency accessible to everyone, and has facilitated pilgrimages for dozens of sincere seekers looking to transform their lives.

Kishori Gopi

Kishori Gopi is a spiritual teacher who is a conduit of divine love, and a vehicle for Krishna’s grace to heal and awaken. In this lifetime, her medicine is to help beings live radiantly and die gracefully through the practices of Bhakti Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and End of Life Doula Work. She approaches both life and work with awareness, aliveness, and compassion. To her, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing another being remember and fall in love with their own true nature.

As a Bhakti Yogi, teacher & devotee, an integral aspect of her practice is chanting and leading Kirtan in her community in Burlington, VT. She describes Kirtan as group prayer, and a call out together for divinity to manifest. Through her teaching, she hopes to share the transformational effects of a practice rooted in Bhakti, divine love and devotion.

Samyaprasa Dasa

Samyaprasa Dasa (“Shamya”) has practiced bhakti since 2009, took vows as an initiated devotee in 2013 and served as a brahmacari monk between 2014-2021.

In that time he studied the Bhakti scriptures in Sanskrit and Bengali, distributed Bhakti and trained as a spiritual teacher. He currently leads classes on practicing Bhakti and workshops on kirtan, etc. He also works 1-on-1 to help people meet their spiritual and wellness goals.

Rati Rasa Dasi

Rasa has been deeply studying nutrition and Ayurveda for over 7 years. She was diagnosed with a chronic, life-long illness at 3 years old. In her early teens, she became plant-based, and began to focus heavily on her diet. At 14 years old, her doctors announced her clear of the illness they initially thought would last a lifetime. Her interest in nutrition and its influence on health skyrocketed.

Always having a love for cooking, she attended Johnson & Wales private University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Nutrition. She has spent time traveling around India learning, and experiencing Ayurvedic healing techniques such as panchakarma and marma therapy.




It is recommended to visit a travel medicine clinic, your physician, or have a consult with an Ayurvedic expert to discuss any proactive measures you could/should take.


You can expect a livening experience to boost your soul and open your mind! But at the same time, please keep in mind that this is India and you should not expect US standards. We are traveling as Yogis and thus we will live simply but comfortably. As a cultural and spiritual experience note that we will be eating healthy but primarily vegetarian food with little to no alcoholic beverages. Please be comfortable with these limitations prior to signing up for this trip. The experiences you will have are designed to be transformational in spirit!


We will be traveling by private professional buses/vans and also one internal flight. If you have tendencies to get car sick, it is recommended to bring some over the counter medication, as the trips will be several hours in length.


Our whole trip will be in English, and everyone speaks English in all the places we will go.

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